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COVID-19 update, New Financing Options for YOU!

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The COVID-19 virus has swept the local area and the nation at large. Leaving in its wake a trail of confusion, grief and apprehension regarding the world and our safety here at home. Here at the Siding Guys we value each and every customer, their families safety and their piece of mind.

We just wanted to share some facts regarding the virus, as well as some of the steps we as a company are taking to do our part in trying to deal with this situation as best as possible. Important things to remember regarding this virus: 

  • Wash your hands even more than regularly
  • Cover your cough/ sneeze with a tissue and dispose of it directly after 
  • Sanitize! phones, keyboard/ computers, doors, handles. anything that you touch everyone else does too
  • Keep your hands away from your eyes and mouth
  • If you feel sick stay home! 

Additionally, while we always offer free estimates we are furthering our services to accommodate all families. We will be able to provide you with your free estimate with zero contact/ exposure to both you and your family. Following the guidelines of the governor and the CDC of refraining from gatherings of 5 people or more, we will come to your home to gather all the necessary information before emailing you quote/ proposal. We also recognize that many families are impacted financially by this outbreak as many Americans are being laid off due to travel restrictions and quarantine guidelines. Here at The Siding Guys we've been hard at work with our financing company to provide the most beneficial offer we possibly could. We've come up with our best offer to date...

Financing Details:

  • No money down 
  • No payments for 12 months 
  • No Interest for 12 months 
  • After 12 months converts to 120 Month with fixed APR

Call us today @ 860-479-5971 we can go over everything with you and set an appointment to get you your personalized quote as fast as possible and remember you can upgrade your home without paying a cent for a whole year!