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Understand Ice Damming

The cold winter season is the time when many homeowners see icicles hanging from their eaves and/or water coming in the house due to ice damming on the roof.

Ensuring Your Roof is Ready for the Season

Ensuring your roof is ready for the season is critical, especially if you live in an area with harsh winter weather – and even more critical if your roof isn’t in top condition. Before a minor roof problem becomes a major wintertime disaster, follow this who, what and why of preparing your roof for winter.

Readying Your Home to Withstand Hail Storms

Wind and hail pose serious threats to older roofs and windows. What should you do before risking hail damage to your home? Homeowners should inspect their roofs and windows for loose shingles, punctures, signs of weakness, gaps, or cracks. When the exterior surfaces are constantly exposed to the elements, over time you start to see wear and tear.