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Why Vinyl?

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Trying to decide if vinyl siding is the way to go for you? Of course we encourage all of our prospective customers to do their own due diligence when trying to decide if vinyl siding is for them, but if you're looking for a great place to start look no further! some quick things to think about when weighing pro's and con's: 

The cost of vinyl vs. the cost of some of the other options are quite drastic. Compare rough estimates for the cost of vinyl for 1250 sq ft of siding compared to wood for the same sq. footage you could be looking at an eight thousand dollar increase.

Vinyl is much more versatile than other types of siding due to wealth of color, profile and texture options that really allow you to personalize your home as much as you want. you may be someone who likes the more muted end of the spectrum where colors such as cream, almond and desert sand might be appealing to you. Maybe you opt for more vibrant colors like russet red or Newport bay, either way the perfect color for you is out there.

Durability and maintenance are always big areas of concern. you can rest easy knowing that your vinyl siding is made specifically to withstand the elements of Mother Nature, whether it be high winds or impact from hail. your vinyl siding is there to stay. also with vinyl siding you won't have to worry about rot or corrosion over time due to excessive moisture as you would with some of your other options. since it does resist heat and moisture you won't have to deal with pests such as termites, leaving your siding in pristine condition for years to come. No need to hire professionals to come out and repaint after a few years the only maintenance you will need is to give the exterior a quick wash once a year or so and your vinyl will continue to maintain its original looks and luster